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Toby, our journalism adviser showed us this from Bryanthomaschmidt.net.  Unfortunately, today was also the last day of class.  More about that coming soon…

Your Punctuation Personality Type
 by Leah Petersen

> A recent (totally made up) scientific study analyzed what your
 favorite punctuation mark means about you. Every writer, every person,
 over-uses and abuses at least one punctuation mark. Here’s what your
 particular weakness means about you:

Period (.): Type A personality. You are decisive and clear. You have
 no difficulty with setting limits. Often a stodgy person that no one
 else thinks is any fun to hang out with. You tend to be good with
 technology and have the latest gadgets.

Comma (,): The peacemaker. You like to help others, and you get along
with everyone. You like to make sure people understand each other. You
like clarity as much as the Period type, but, unlike him, you don’t
subscribe to the “less is more” theory. You believe more information
is better than not enough. For this reason you sometimes confuse
others and can become tiresome. But, in general, you’re fun, or at
least tolerable, to be around. If not, you can make people think you

Exclamation point (!): You are excitable and anxious. You don’t
self-censor well and think that your opinion always matters. You use
italics a lot in written communication. You get nervous easily and are
often too loud. You’re either an overly-affectionate or a mean drunk.
You’re fun at parties.

Question mark (?): Indecisive and uncertain. You over-analyze. You may
be shy and have low self-esteem. People usually have no idea you’re

Colon (:): You like things to be well-delineated. Much like the Period
type, you like order. You make lists. People always know where they
stand with you. You usually get asked to organize the office parties
and school functions.

Semi-colon (;): You’re well-read and urbane. You knew where this was
on the keyboard before it became part of the winky emoticon. You’re
more easy-going than Colon or Period types, but you’re still put
together and usually organized. People are comfortable around you and
tend to like you, though they may not be able to say exactly why.

Hyphen (-): You like having fun. You are often creative and are very
social. You like throwing parties, though you may call on your Colon
type friends to organize them. You’re more likely to be impulsive and
throw unlikely things together. No one would be surprised that your
decor is shabby-modern or artsy-classic.

En-dash (–): If you knew this was a different mark than the hyphen,
you are way too into punctuation. You’re either an editor or a
schoolteacher, or else no one likes you. At all.

Em-dash (—): You’re stuck up and pretentious. You correct people’s
grammar and complain about how stupid kids are these days. You like to
show off. You made good grades in school and perform well at work.
Your boss loves you, even if your co-workers don’t.

Parentheses ( () ): You’re scatterbrained. You throw things together
at the last minute. You’re often hopping back and forth between
different tasks and think you’re multi-tasking. You tend to bore
people with your stories because you think every detail is important
and you repeat yourself. You are often sarcastic but are good at
making other people laugh, often at someone’s expense. (Including your

Ellipses (…): An indecisive and flighty person. You lose your train of
thought easily. You are a follower and like to let other people take
the risks. You often misplace your keys or spend ten minutes looking
for the glasses you’re already wearing.

Apostrophe (‘): You’re casual and carefree. You’re always the one who
has random things in your purse or glove compartment that no one else
would think to carry around but somehow you end up in situations where
it’s a good thing you had that thumb-tack on you. You have lots of
friends, usually without really trying. People just like you.

Quotation Mark (“): You aren’t very original. You tweet famous quotes
a lot. You are nosy and like to gossip; mostly because you don’t have
anything of substance to add of your own. People like to hang out with
you for a coffee break but don’t really consider you a friend.

Slash (/): You’re a complicated and complex person. You can be
secretive and have a hard time trusting people. You like to keep your
options open. You’re the respectable housewife your friends will be
shocked to see coming out of the S&M club.

Brackets ([ ]): You are snobbish and self-important. You are likely to
use these to add “[sic]” to other people’s comments. You have no
friends and probably have a “kick me” post-it on your back right now.

Asterisk (*): Nothing is ever final with you. You can justify anything
and have an excuse for everything. You would make a good lawyer.
People either find you entertaining, or really boring, because you
know lots of random trivia.

Ampersand (&): You like stuff. You collect things and are a packrat.
You’re friends with everyone, whether they know it or not.

At symbol (@): You’re very social, sometimes overly. You’re the one
who always takes a phone call in the middle of a conversation. You
also spend way too much time online. Go get some fresh air. Taking
your iPhone out on the porch doesn’t count.

Hash/pound (#): Much like the @ type, you’re online too much, but,
unlike @ types, in real life you have few friends and are reclusive.
Before the internet, you called customer service lines just to have
someone to talk to.

Bullets (•): You have OCD.

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The Lynden Tribune

It was a misty morning in June, when five Whatcom Community College journalists traveled to the faraway land of Lynden (Lin-din) to learn the trade of printing press.

Katy and Melissa with a test flight newspaper spread.

For months, college news and community events had been recorded and stored on computers, and every two weeks, new information was sent to the strange land’s printing press, the Lynden Tribune. Like magic, college news would appear in paper form, 1,000 issues bound and dropped off at Whatcom Community College’s Syre building.

Oppewall describes the pre-flight process to Melissa and Cutter.

Thanks to Ryan Oppewall, production manager at the Lynden Trib., who guided the Horizon staff through the daily process of the press, we have busted the myth of news.

Oppewall showed the staff from start to finish, the process of the Horizon’s newsprint. This includes the process of re-configuring the color scale RGB and grey scale to CMYK (cyan, maroon, yellow, black) in the pre-flight stage when the paper is still in digital form.

For a full description of the process check out our story “Behind the Horizon: from preflight to press.”

Here is a brief (nine seconds) video of the Horizon being printed courtesy of Toby Sonneman, Horizon advisor.

Trashed newspapers, unworthy of your reading.

Oppewall told the Horizon staff that about the same amount of papers that are sent to the college are also trashed. The press machines often need to warm up on a few hundred papers before a quality product is produced.

Left to Right: Cutter, Melissa, Katy, Toby, Quinn, and Andrew

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Bellingham Bloggers Guide to the Universe

Here is a brief list of local blogs. If you are unfamiliar with blogging, or the area, this is where you can learn. Most of the blogs below are college news, Northwest news, or entertainment. 

Western Washington University has an excellent list of blogs which are updated pretty frequently. News, and Lifestyle  are a couple examples.

Of course, if you’re going to stay connected, you have to know what’s going on in the colleges. Especially Whatcom Community College. The Horizon isn’t a blog, but it is our online news site.

A local weekly paper, Cascadia is an excellent source for news stories, events, and Northwest lifestyle. Check out the Best of Bellingham Page.

For a more conventional approach to the blogosphere, try the Bellingham Herald’s blogs. They have it all from, the outdoors, to politics. Their education blog is also interesting.

If you’re not into reading, the Bellingham Daily Photo blog is a great place to go.

Bellingham’s Betty Pages is also fun to check out. It doesn’t appear very active, but its archives are pretty full. There are also plenty of links to LGBT friendly groups and places. Try Betty Desire’s Facebook page as well.
Another visual blog is Photo Cascadia. It’s full of artsy and beautiful photos of the Northwest.

For something, fun, enjoyable, and interesting check out Fish & Bicycles. From F&B’s About: “Think of it as the voice of someone from Bellingham, someone who writes about whatever strikes his fancy at any given moment, on any given day,”

From our Twitter feed is Merrick Parnell’s Bellingham History blog.

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Appeal to the Student Council

I n lieu of a possible cuts to WCC’s student newspaper, the Horizon made their presence known during the ASWCC council meeting.

$2,000 was proposed to be cut from the Horizon’s $17,000 budget in a previous meeting. Cuts to the number of copies the Horizon publishes have already been made. The original 1,200 newspaper copies have been reduced to 1,000, saving only $20. The budget is stretched thin.

Toby Sonneman, Horizon advisor, appealed to the council to stop any further decreases in the student newspapers budget, and answered questions for concerned council members about the Horizon’s current budget.

A majority of the council members were sympathetic to the Horizon. A majority voted to transfer $3,500 from the college’s work study program to the Horizon’s budget.

Council member Morgan Hein expressed clearly to the council that the right to a free press is a must.

Agreed, Mr. Hein.

A victory for the Horizon.

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On the Job

The film “Crossing Borders” was shown in the Heiner building on campus a couple nights ago. I didn’t plan on going to it, but Cutter (our editor) was there, and I felt like I should say hi – and maybe watch the movie.

At first, the movie seemed incredibly cheesy. It was about American students visiting Moroccan students, and how they were able to eliminate certain stereotypes about each other through intimate friendships.

I won’t lie. After I started getting into it, I had to choke back a few tears. It was a good thing I was sitting in the back row of Heiner Theater.After it was over, I found Cutter, said hi and then  decided I’d stalk him – meaning take photos of him on the job.

It was sort of interesting. I felt weird, because I was lurking in his shadows, taking photos of him interviewing people. Apparently, he didn’t know I was there. So it was a successful spy mission.

Don’t mind me taking pictures of you, taking pictures…

As for the movie, I wish I could have stuck around. I feel like the issue is one that needs to be discussed more frequently on campus.

I was recently at a local burger joint with a friend. The place is owned by an Asian family (not sure which nationality exactly). When my friend was asked if he wanted ketchup, he replied “Yes! American’s love ketchup!” I couldn’t help to mention to him that they were American as well. Needless to say he didn’t eat a drop of ketchup during our meal there.

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Journalism: Behind the Desk

There was a quote about desks, from Benjamin Franklin – or maybe Albert Einstein – Not sure which. I read it on the internet (so it has to be true). But it was something like, “A clean desk is the sign of a sick mind.” In honor of that quote here are some photos of the Horizon staffs’ desks.

Cutter’s desk: Definitely sick.

Melissa’s desk: Multitasking a bit too much?

Gabriella’s desk: This is a really pretty picture of where Gabriella does her work. You jealous?

Quinn’s desk: Yes, that is the face of The Man with No Name in the background




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Possible cuts to the Horizon budget

James Hearne, assistant editor at the Horizon returns from the student council with grim news.
The student council reports projected budget cuts from $742,000 to $715,000 in 2012/13. The Horizon’s budget may be cut by $2,000. James says the council’s budget is “preliminary. As in nothing has been decided.” Horizon budget cuts could cost the Horizon staff a portion of their stipends.


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Congrats to Kareem Bryant

Congratulations to Kareem Bryant. The former Horizon editor/ reporter, local musician, and veteran, is being awarded a scholarship from the SPJ.

Toby Sonneman, Horizon adviser and journalism instructor, wrote in his letter for recommendation: “Kareem has had rich and diverse life experience that makes him savvy about people and situations, yet he still retains an open mind. This balance, along with the inquisitiveness that every good reporter needs, makes him an excellent interviewer and reporter. He has a strong work ethic and his reporting is thorough and accurate.”

See some of Bryant’s Horizon stories below (including one that features him).



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And this is how a newspaper is born

Melissa randomly freaking out (probably because her face is visible for once).

Ever wonder how a newspaper plops in front of your doorstep? This is it: the life and death of the newspaper. More importantly the life and death of OUR newspaper.  Its journey is messy and short lived.

Thanks to Katy Kappelle, our trusty photo editor, we have procured some amazing footage of the birth of newspapers.

The news starts out as an idea submitted by our trusty Horizon reporters. Each week ideas are submitted to the editor in chief, Cutter, where they are decided as either interesting and newsworthy, or boring and unimportant.

Once the decision has been made to write the story, the race begins and our reporters rush to the scene to gather information and pictures.

After much editing, and scribbling with red pens,  Cutter decides where all the stories should go in the paper, and in which order. Melissa and Cutter work together to put it all together in a way that will fit.

A basic design of where we want our stories, depending on size, importance, and ad placement.

After this, Melissa then begins the process of putting each story onto a 12 page InDesign document.

This takes some time….

As each page of the newspaper is drafted, it is printed out, and then edited again by our proof reader, Gabriella. At least a couple drafts are printed out before a final edit. (Don’t worry, we recycle.)

This is what Gabriella looks like when she doesn’t want her photo taken.

Once the InDesign document is complete. It is sent to the Lynden Tribune where it is then printed on the morning on the day of distribution. The Horizon’s news is then laid out before you.

While harmful to humans, the big scary machines at the Lynden Tribune give life to the news.

This is not the end of the papers life though. Kelsey Rowlson, our ad manager and online editor posts all our stories online. The papers grow old, crumpled, and serve as make-do place mats until they are reincarnated as something else papery.

This is only the gist. Many aspects of the newspaper are personal to the reporters and editors who produce them. The Horizon is a twice monthly newspaper, and while the doesn’t seem like a very stressful deadline, there are less than 10 of us on the staff.

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A Blog from Horizon’s Past

Last year, the editors of the Horizon had their own blog. It is now nearly the one year anniversary since the last time a post was made on that blog. I admit it’s not as shnazzy as the new and improved blog, but the authors definitely deserve credit as it was written well, and fairly informative. Plus they had a good picture of the Bellingham Bay.

It is production Monday, and the Horizon’s news staff is busy as usual. Photos of a disgruntled news staff and rubber fetuses coming soon.

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