Everything We Wanted to Be

This is it. The Bellingham Herald has stolen our thunder. Completely. They have a blog which covers major events here at WCC. And no, I don’t think they care that we have student run newspaper.

Anyway it’s okay. I guess.


About The Horizon Hub

This blog is dedicated to student journalists, writers, news readers, Washingtonians, Bellinghamsters, and anyone vaguely interested in the news media.
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2 Responses to Everything We Wanted to Be

  1. lemonodyssey says:

    You’re kidding, I hope. This is mostly just press releases from the college. We’re writing original copy. And who can else can tell what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ at the Horizon? How did James set up an interview with Sam Reed? What was that like for him? (A short Q and A with James would be great). What kinds of things did Cutter have to deal with in his first issue as editor (another Q and A). How did Melissa deal with all the changes made to the paper’s layout today (another Q and A). Think the Herald can get this kind of stuff? No way!

  2. Oh we definitely have the upper hand on campus news. I was just pokin’ fun. Those sound like some really awesome ideas. Some ‘behind the scenes’ action will be coming soon. Like now.


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