Inside the News

Ever wonder how a newspaper gets published? THIS IS IT.

Here’s a few photos of the Horizon’s news staff designing our next issue. The process can be hectic, but it’s usually fun.

(Melissa, our production editor designing our next issue.)

Just sorting out the news can be a difficult task. The Horizon’s editors have to decide which news should be in color, which need to be placed up front, and where our advertisements need to go. With Cutter as the new editor, we’re making some big changes to our newspaper. The process has been exciting and challenging.

(Cutter, our editor in chief, taking a break from design.)

WCC news hasn’t changed much, but the way it’s presented has. Being an online editor, I am beginning to realize that presentation goes a looooooooong way.

(From left to right: Toby (advisor), Melissa, Katy, and Cutter. There was a lot of chin rubbing this day)

Often, the decisions we make for our design get scrapped – much to Melissa’s dismay. It can be a bit painful to throw away an idea that you have worked hard to create. Taking criticism and criticizing others can be a difficult thing to get used to as well.

(During class, Horizon staff members editing some of the stories.)

Despite the headaches, the Horizon’s news staff makes well of their time and enjoys their work. It also allows the students to get out of the rigid mindset of the traditional classroom and collaborate, suggest ideas, and brain storm.

(Cutter and Katy encroach upon Melissa’s sanctuary. She lives at the computer in the corner of the room. She’s given food and water every now and then.)


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One Response to Inside the News

  1. lemonodyssey says:

    This is GREAT, Quinn! Very cool inside look!


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