Production Monday

Production Monday is here and we are busy as usual. Production Monday means Tuesday will bring a brand new stack of papers hot off the press, but it usually has us sitting in front of the computer screen all day long.

Gabriella, Cutter, Melissa and Katy going over some final editing of the paper.

Not to fear! Cletus the fetus is here! He is the Horizon‘s long standing mascot and an avid fan of our news staff.

He's a little dirty. Probably in need of a good bath.

Gabriella, the Horizon proof reader, is in charge of making sure the final drafts are up to snuff. We usually print out quite a few drafts before calling it a day.

Our printer. It is both slow and unpredictable. Legend has it, that it was forged in the depths of Mordor.

After the printer decides to cooperate we go to work on our paper. AP Stylebooks and red pens are EVERYWHERE.

Katy's tending for Cletus. Awwwwwwww!

We usually lay out the drafts in order and go through them together. We question everything: spelling, photo contrast, headlines, etc.

A few drafts laid out on the table. (I think everybody was on a computer at this point.)

The Horizon newsroom is busy on production days from as early as 9 a.m. and can stay that way until late in the evening. The bottom line is that a quality newspaper is produced in a timely fashion.

Cutter bought us some Pizza from West Side. I have yet to pay for any food and am feeling pretty guilty. (In case your wondering, the pink blob is my finger.)

Be sure to check out our website for our news stories! They are uploaded shortly after we print out 6 trillion copies of the newspaper.

Cletus is either very cold, or upset with what he's reading in the news.

Where am I this whole time you ask? Twitter. Oh, and WordPress.


About Squelsch

I am a student of journalism with a science fiction problem. Writing is a passion of mine, but I find myself doing less of it as the age of social media dominates all thoughtful consciousness. One of my major pass times is hosting imaginary lectures in my head, which is primarily the reason why I like to write and blog. These lectures are usually about justice, liberty, government, culture, and technology.
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2 Responses to Production Monday

  1. melissa says:

    I expect to see Cletus the Fetus tshirts soon

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