Twitter FAIL

Here’s a slightly hilarious sort of depressing list of FAIL from Aflac, BP, Chrysler, Godaddy, Qantas, and Kenneth Cole, all via twitter. BP is the worst.

Got this from Social Media Chimps.


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8 Responses to Twitter FAIL

  1. lemonodyssey says:

    Another reason not to have Twitter.

  2. melissa says:

    this is more an example of people being over sensitive to humor….

    • yeah but come on. BP? They already looked like idiots.

      • melissa says:

        Yea they did already look like huge idiots but I think it would have looked worse if they took the time to acknowledge that a fake twitter account was a fake twitter account. Also I find it funny that whoever wrote this article put quotes around the word funnyman as if to say what Gilbert Gottfried tweeted was not fucking hilarious.

  3. kikijeant says:

    Not to sound like too much of a nerd, but…the library has a book titled “Delete: The Virtue of Forgetting in the Digital Age.” I haven’t read it, but the publisher’s description says, ” The ability to forget, or be forgotten, has played an important part in human society, allowing for changed minds, second chances & overlooked embarrassments. Digital technology, with its inexhaustible memory, threatens one of the most important social conventions: the past is past. This book explores the issues.” Journalists know the importance of checking their facts and proof-reading.

  4. Gina_Cole_ says:

    The first one’s not really a “fail” by Aflac. They didn’t tweet that stuff. They just had to react to it.


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