The Sam Reed Event!!!

Questions for blog post about Sam Reed:

What was it like interviewing the Secretary of State?

I want to say I looked at it like any other interview…but that would be a lie. I was thrilled, honored, terrified, and all sorts of other cliched emotions, but I tried to keep all of them in check, knowing that my genetically-inherited blood pressure (thanks, Dad) would likely skyrocket. And it did. But, it was also one of the most exhilarating experiences of my life.

Were you nervous at all?

Like I said above, I was. But I also knew that this was an opportunity that many journalists, let alone student journalists, never get.

What kind of questions did you ask him?

You’ll have to read the article!

What kind of questions did you want to ask him?

I think I covered most everything I wanted, or that was in the scope of the interview (I only had about 5 or 6 minutes with him, before he had to do his actual talk). I would have liked to talk more about the 2004 Gubernatorial Recount, though

What was your impression of the guy?

Very genuine, and likable. He really seemed to know what he was talking about, rather than reading from a script. His staff were really helpful, as well. (He called me “the newsman”).

Do you feel like it helped build your journalism skills?

Yeah, it taught me that interviewing elected officials is not all that scary, and that people who seem intimidating are really not, once you look at them as being human (which can be easy to overlook at times). Basically, I learned to take a chill pill, and relax.

How do you feel the interview went?

Well, that is for the readers to judge! But I am rather proud of how it came out. I hope to have a more detailed account up later, but for now, all I will say is that I hope people will come away with a better sense of who he is and what he does.

Any additional comments?

I need to thank Toby Sonneman, the adviser for the Horizon, for reassuring me. I would like to thank the student council for their help, in particular Stephanie Young, who was in charge of this event, and pulled it off like a boss. I would also like to express my gratitude to all of the Horizon staff. In particular, Cutter Kilgore, for assigning me the story. Also, Kelsey Rowlson, who kept me in the loop. And finally Melissa Angell, who makes the best looking paper ever, but moreover, has kept me from succumbing to stress and bursting into tears more times than she will ever know. Oh, and she introduced me to “Sherlock.” That alone will ensure I am always in her debt.

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One Response to The Sam Reed Event!!!

  1. lemonodyssey says:

    Great to hear what this experience was like for James. This was an interesting Q and A!


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