And this is how a newspaper is born

Melissa randomly freaking out (probably because her face is visible for once).

Ever wonder how a newspaper plops in front of your doorstep? This is it: the life and death of the newspaper. More importantly the life and death of OUR newspaper.  Its journey is messy and short lived.

Thanks to Katy Kappelle, our trusty photo editor, we have procured some amazing footage of the birth of newspapers.

The news starts out as an idea submitted by our trusty Horizon reporters. Each week ideas are submitted to the editor in chief, Cutter, where they are decided as either interesting and newsworthy, or boring and unimportant.

Once the decision has been made to write the story, the race begins and our reporters rush to the scene to gather information and pictures.

After much editing, and scribbling with red pens,  Cutter decides where all the stories should go in the paper, and in which order. Melissa and Cutter work together to put it all together in a way that will fit.

A basic design of where we want our stories, depending on size, importance, and ad placement.

After this, Melissa then begins the process of putting each story onto a 12 page InDesign document.

This takes some time….

As each page of the newspaper is drafted, it is printed out, and then edited again by our proof reader, Gabriella. At least a couple drafts are printed out before a final edit. (Don’t worry, we recycle.)

This is what Gabriella looks like when she doesn’t want her photo taken.

Once the InDesign document is complete. It is sent to the Lynden Tribune where it is then printed on the morning on the day of distribution. The Horizon’s news is then laid out before you.

While harmful to humans, the big scary machines at the Lynden Tribune give life to the news.

This is not the end of the papers life though. Kelsey Rowlson, our ad manager and online editor posts all our stories online. The papers grow old, crumpled, and serve as make-do place mats until they are reincarnated as something else papery.

This is only the gist. Many aspects of the newspaper are personal to the reporters and editors who produce them. The Horizon is a twice monthly newspaper, and while the doesn’t seem like a very stressful deadline, there are less than 10 of us on the staff.


About The Horizon Hub

This blog is dedicated to student journalists, writers, news readers, Washingtonians, Bellinghamsters, and anyone vaguely interested in the news media.
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