Possible cuts to the Horizon budget

James Hearne, assistant editor at the Horizon returns from the student council with grim news.
The student council reports projected budget cuts from $742,000 to $715,000 in 2012/13. The Horizon’s budget may be cut by $2,000. James says the council’s budget is “preliminary. As in nothing has been decided.” Horizon budget cuts could cost the Horizon staff a portion of their stipends.



About Squelsch

I am a student of journalism with a science fiction problem. Writing is a passion of mine, but I find myself doing less of it as the age of social media dominates all thoughtful consciousness. One of my major pass times is hosting imaginary lectures in my head, which is primarily the reason why I like to write and blog. These lectures are usually about justice, liberty, government, culture, and technology.
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4 Responses to Possible cuts to the Horizon budget

  1. Gina_Cole_ says:

    The student council is in charge of your budget? Does student government (or WCC administration) have their hands in anything else Horizon-related?

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