On the Job

The film “Crossing Borders” was shown in the Heiner building on campus a couple nights ago. I didn’t plan on going to it, but Cutter (our editor) was there, and I felt like I should say hi – and maybe watch the movie.

At first, the movie seemed incredibly cheesy. It was about American students visiting Moroccan students, and how they were able to eliminate certain stereotypes about each other through intimate friendships.

I won’t lie. After I started getting into it, I had to choke back a few tears. It was a good thing I was sitting in the back row of Heiner Theater.After it was over, I found Cutter, said hi and then  decided I’d stalk him – meaning take photos of him on the job.

It was sort of interesting. I felt weird, because I was lurking in his shadows, taking photos of him interviewing people. Apparently, he didn’t know I was there. So it was a successful spy mission.

Don’t mind me taking pictures of you, taking pictures…

As for the movie, I wish I could have stuck around. I feel like the issue is one that needs to be discussed more frequently on campus.

I was recently at a local burger joint with a friend. The place is owned by an Asian family (not sure which nationality exactly). When my friend was asked if he wanted ketchup, he replied “Yes! American’s love ketchup!” I couldn’t help to mention to him that they were American as well. Needless to say he didn’t eat a drop of ketchup during our meal there.


About Squelsch

I am a student of journalism with a science fiction problem. Writing is a passion of mine, but I find myself doing less of it as the age of social media dominates all thoughtful consciousness. One of my major pass times is hosting imaginary lectures in my head, which is primarily the reason why I like to write and blog. These lectures are usually about justice, liberty, government, culture, and technology.
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