Appeal to the Student Council

I n lieu of a possible cuts to WCC’s student newspaper, the Horizon made their presence known during the ASWCC council meeting.

$2,000 was proposed to be cut from the Horizon’s $17,000 budget in a previous meeting. Cuts to the number of copies the Horizon publishes have already been made. The original 1,200 newspaper copies have been reduced to 1,000, saving only $20. The budget is stretched thin.

Toby Sonneman, Horizon advisor, appealed to the council to stop any further decreases in the student newspapers budget, and answered questions for concerned council members about the Horizon’s current budget.

A majority of the council members were sympathetic to the Horizon. A majority voted to transfer $3,500 from the college’s work study program to the Horizon’s budget.

Council member Morgan Hein expressed clearly to the council that the right to a free press is a must.

Agreed, Mr. Hein.

A victory for the Horizon.

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About Squelsch

I am a student of journalism with a science fiction problem. Writing is a passion of mine, but I find myself doing less of it as the age of social media dominates all thoughtful consciousness. One of my major pass times is hosting imaginary lectures in my head, which is primarily the reason why I like to write and blog. These lectures are usually about justice, liberty, government, culture, and technology.
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