The Lynden Tribune

It was a misty morning in June, when five Whatcom Community College journalists traveled to the faraway land of Lynden (Lin-din) to learn the trade of printing press.

Katy and Melissa with a test flight newspaper spread.

For months, college news and community events had been recorded and stored on computers, and every two weeks, new information was sent to the strange land’s printing press, the Lynden Tribune. Like magic, college news would appear in paper form, 1,000 issues bound and dropped off at Whatcom Community College’s Syre building.

Oppewall describes the pre-flight process to Melissa and Cutter.

Thanks to Ryan Oppewall, production manager at the Lynden Trib., who guided the Horizon staff through the daily process of the press, we have busted the myth of news.

Oppewall showed the staff from start to finish, the process of the Horizon’s newsprint. This includes the process of re-configuring the color scale RGB and grey scale to CMYK (cyan, maroon, yellow, black) in the pre-flight stage when the paper is still in digital form.

For a full description of the process check out our story “Behind the Horizon: from preflight to press.”

Here is a brief (nine seconds) video of the Horizon being printed courtesy of Toby Sonneman, Horizon advisor.

Trashed newspapers, unworthy of your reading.

Oppewall told the Horizon staff that about the same amount of papers that are sent to the college are also trashed. The press machines often need to warm up on a few hundred papers before a quality product is produced.

Left to Right: Cutter, Melissa, Katy, Toby, Quinn, and Andrew


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