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The Lynden Tribune

It was a misty morning in June, when five Whatcom Community College journalists traveled to the faraway land of Lynden (Lin-din) to learn the trade of printing press. For months, college news and community events had been recorded and stored on … Continue reading

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Bellingham Bloggers Guide to the Universe

Here is a brief list of local blogs. If you are unfamiliar with blogging, or the area, this is where you can learn. Most of the blogs below are college news, Northwest news, or entertainment.  Western Washington University has an … Continue reading

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Journalism: Behind the Desk

There was a quote about desks, from Benjamin Franklin – or maybe Albert Einstein – Not sure which. I read it on the internet (so it has to be true). But it was something like, “A clean desk is the … Continue reading

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Congrats to Kareem Bryant

Congratulations to Kareem Bryant. The former Horizon editor/ reporter, local musician, and veteran, is being awarded a scholarship from the SPJ. Toby Sonneman, Horizon adviser and journalism instructor, wrote in his letter for recommendation: “Kareem has had rich and diverse life experience that makes … Continue reading

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And this is how a newspaper is born

Ever wonder how a newspaper plops in front of your doorstep? This is it: the life and death of the newspaper. More importantly the life and death of OUR newspaper.  Its journey is messy and short lived. Thanks to Katy … Continue reading

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A Blog from Horizon’s Past

Last year, the editors of the Horizon had their own blog. It is now nearly the one year anniversary since the last time a post was made on that blog. I admit it’s not as shnazzy as the new and … Continue reading

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Twitter FAIL

Here’s a slightly hilarious sort of depressing list of FAIL from Aflac, BP, Chrysler, Godaddy, Qantas, and Kenneth Cole, all via twitter. BP is the worst. Got this from Social Media Chimps.

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Originally posted on Geeky Journalist:
I don’t know if it’s the AP’s status as a co-op, or its decentralized nature, or its ties to traditional (old) media, or what the problem is. But once again, they’ve proven that they just…

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Inside the News

Ever wonder how a newspaper gets published? THIS IS IT. Here’s a few photos of the Horizon’s news staff designing our next issue. The process can be hectic, but it’s usually fun. (Melissa, our production editor designing our next issue.) … Continue reading

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Everything We Wanted to Be

This is it. The Bellingham Herald has stolen our thunder. Completely. They have a blog which covers major events here at WCC. And no, I don’t think they care that we have student run newspaper. Anyway it’s okay. I guess.

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